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Trailer Rentals

Please text message 630-306-5337 or email for more info.  Phone calls are very limited.

CK Trailers rents trailers in the Chicagoland area.  Trailer rentals are for round trip only.  There are no one way rentals.  We rent the trailers by the day, not by the miles so you are not limited by distance.  There is no special drivers license required.  You do need you own auto insurance to tow a rental trailer.  Trailer rentals are one of our specialties.  Trailers for rent include the following types of trailers;

Trailers for rent   

Pictures of rental trailers

20' Flatbed Car Trailer (Ramps available)

    Parade Float Trailer, Motorcycle, ATV


10' long flat bed trailer rental

     widest legal trailer 8'6"

     used for moving hot tubs, ATVs, snowmobiles, furniture, lawnmowers, and anything else you can put on it

     lightweight aluminum rental trailer

Enclosed 5' x 8' rental trailer

     Ramp door, side door, large tires

     Motorcycle trailer, ATV trailer, camping trailer -

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